Is This "Real" Weed?

The short answer is yes.

The long answer is that our flower is grown by a hemp farmer, with a hemp license, and tested according to the farm bill. Therefore the law says the product is federally compliant and able to be shipped across the USA. There are currently no limits on quantity we can sell to any customer, so transactions on this site are legal retail sales.

THCa flower is the legal term to refer to cannabis that is legal under the farm bill, with high THC content.

THCa is "real" THC. It is what people refer to when talking about the natural THC that cannabis produces.

Are Shipments Insured?

Yes, we insure all shipments and all orders get shipped via overnight mail.

If your pack is stolen or lost in transit, we will replace it ASAP.

How To Order?

1. Build your cart and go to checkout (21+ & USA Only!) Promo items added by your rep after checkout

2. Fill out your info and select your preferred payment method 🙏BANK TRANSFER PREFERRED🙏 CashApp, Crypto, Zelle also accepted

3. Place your order and our sales rep will contact you after checkout to collect payment

4. We ship usually within 1 business day only after payment has been received

Make sure your contact info is correct so our sales reps can reach you!

Do I need A License To Buy?

No, this is our bulk shop for the public. We ship to all 50 states and do not require and license.

Anyone above the age of 21 can make a purchase from this website.

If you are a business, please shop on our wholesale site for business here

Shipping Anywhere In USA?

Yes, we ship to all 50 States.

Unfortunately we do not ship out of the country. If you try to use a mail forwarder, thats at your own risk. We do not recommend trying.

What Payment Methods Available?

We accept Crypto, Cashapp, Zelle, or Bank Transfer only.

Please note: we do not accept credit card payments on this site as it poses a major fraud risk for our company.

If you are a business, we can accept credit card payments but first you must register here

Can I Get Better Bulk Prices?

Yes, if you are a consistant shopper or are buying 10+ pounds at a time, please contact us to assist.

We also run promo deals all the time and give away FREEBIES. Make sure you tap in with our email and push notifications.

How Is This Legal?

We opperate under a the Farm Bill, we have the apropriate growers license, and ensure our products are tested to the standard of the Farm Bill. All of our products are considered federally compliant and therefore can be shipped anywhere in the United States.

WARNING: Don't get pulled over with this if you're in an illegal state. You will very likely get charged. Especially because our bulk products do not come with packaging. We recommend always having your receipt readily available as well as the lab tests printed out to potentially mitigate legal issues.

This is not guaranteed, but if you show an officer the lab test and that you bought it from this compliant website, theres a chance the consequences are less. As in maybe they just confiscate instead of charge you.

How Are Orders Packaged?

All our products get double vacuum bag sealed and even double boxed. We make 100% sure that your bulk order will not smell when shopping with us.

The outer box is discrete and there is no identifiable information that someone would be able to tell whats inside.